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If this is your first time here, thank you for taking a dive into the unknown.


Let wonder and exploration catapult you towards new information regarding the nature of reality.


The content of this website is all about explaining the empirical qualities of reality, and how those qualities can together define a mechanical approach towards understanding one's core reality experience. If you observe the happenings of the world around you from a neutral, objective perspective, you will find that reality literally shows you what it is. This website serves to explain and demystify the workings of how the human experience dictates what people perceive as the universe at large. The information presented is here to provide insight as to what reality is and how it operates, from a unique yet unembellished perspective, and help form a logical understanding about the structure of the human experience.

Reality is experience.

How you label that experience is an expression of the unique person you are.

Explore the deep and profound marvels of your consciousness.

It is all your beliefs, your dream, your reflection in time

and most of all, being generated by YOU.


How far down the rabbit hole will you go today?

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