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Magnetic Realignment Process

By purchasing a session you agree to all of the terms below.

• A session is 1-1.5 hours for $45, by e-mail. E-mail is a great option, because you can easily keep the dialogue transcripts for future reference, and there are no extra charges for communicating at long distances. Also, writing e-mails allows you to edit and go over exactly what you mean to say in totality, before the other person receives your message. With speech, once you say something, the only way to edit what you said is to restate what you meant to add. E-mail allows for more details to be "said" more efficiently. The session is officially over after one hour, but that can easily drag into another half hour, which is fine.

• I will do only one session with you per day.

• Only buy up to 10 sessions at a time. Don’t buy 11 or 20 etc.

• After 10 sessions, no more sessions for a year (365 days), per person. As an example, if I do 10 different sessions with Bob over the span of 1 month or 1 year, after the 10th session, Bob will have to wait a year before doing another session. I do this because I don’t want to act as a crutch. I want to teach people to be their own teachers, and function as a guide for whatever you are exploring in life. Guiding someone doesn’t mean you directly help them all the time, it means you help them just enough to continue following and realizing their self-created path, and assist them in assisting themselves.

• This is the "get'em while they're hot" price. This is a new service, and as such, when sessions start to raise in number, I will raise the price to a more average rate for this kind of service. Get a session now while they're cheap; most consultation services cost $100+ an hour, and they sure as hell aren't giving consciousness mechanics type information.

• Sessions are private and are not for the public. Do not physically or digitally distribute, place, post, or share any portion of our e-mail exchange, including transcriptions for sale or for free. This includes but is not limited to facebook.com, youtube.com, instagram.com, twitter.com, or any other social media platform, or anywhere else online or offline. Again, they are private.

• I reserve the right not give a refund, although I am happy to give refunds at my discretion. Legally, I have to mention this to discourage scammers. This kind of material attracts people from literally all over the planet, and not all of them hold integrity. These kinds of stipulations are here to prevent drama.

By purchasing a session, you hereby acknowledge and agree to these terms completely.

Transactions are as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. Pay for session.

2. You can e-mail moc.esrevinmai@ssensuoicsnocnisnossel (spelled backwards to thwart bots), or within 24 hours I will e-mail you for scheduling, and exchange further contact information for conducting the session. Who e-mails first won't make a difference.

3. When the scheduled time comes, I'll contact you and begin the session.

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Serious inquiry regarding sessions should be sent to:


(Spelled backwards to thwart spam bots.)