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Consciousness Mechanics

This page is here to address solipsism’s relationship to CM.

For those that don’t know, solipsism basically states that only your personal mind exists,

and that the entire external world is an illusion you’re creating, implying that other

people don’t have their own equally deep reality experience, if any at all.

I’ve read some critiques of CM—I sometimes enjoy reading critiques, because it can add a new dimension of possibility for how I can better explain things, and what people think should be explained—and some of the concerns I’ve noticed involve solipsistic contexts being associated with notions such as “you are the universe,” which is a core concept of what Iamniverse itself even stands for. The word “Iamniverse” is literally derived from “I am universe.”

In general, the concept of solipsism is hard to fully explain because it is a philosophical theory, and in part, doesn’t relate to quantifiable definitions for things, and is based on abstract contextual definitions of “self” and “others” and “existence” that don’t parallel the same usage in CM. Many, if not all philosophical theories share this problem, (I don’t know every philosophy, but this problem stems from the issue of “philosophy” itself) and it has to do with “the mind” being something intangible and abstract. As explained by CM, the mind is a tangible, solid thing that can be quantified like play-doh. However, it can be defined as not-solid, only when in comparison to how it relates to the solidity of regular matter and energy. Obviously, this creates a completely new definition for what a philosophy even is. I explain many core features of the mind in Consciousness Mechanics: Navigating the Matrix. I don’t explain “it all” in the book because that would require a completely new science, and is beyond the scope of the book, but you can still learn a ton of information.

CM is largely based on the findings of mind-body explorations, and as such, your body is your own laboratory you can use to observe the same findings. Here’s an extremely small experiment regarding the mind’s solidity: Close your eyes and envision a bright blue chair. Envision it as strongly as possible, and rotate it around in your mind. THAT IS A REAL OBSERVATION, complete with its own form of tangibility. If you learn to get good at this, you will notice that the envisioned blue chair has a unique type of “solidity,” and is made out of “stuff,” just as the physical world is made out of solid stuff—it isn’t the same stuff, but it sure as hell isn’t “nothing.”

Now to cut out the technical jargon and just speak simply—solipsism has absolutely no relation to anything CM or Iamniverse, because it is so fundamentally abstract, it’s just a cloud of ideas with no real shape beyond “you only experience yourself.” People take that phrase and assume "self" means your bodily self, in contrast to "others," meaning other people and basically the rest of the universe. Then they assume it to be a selfish kind of thing, wherein the philosophy is that for you, no one else exists as real, beyond what you experience of them. Superficially, this can seem to be an exact concept presented in CM, but it isn’t. The issue here is multifold: In CM, other people exist just as you do, with their own thoughts, feelings, destinies, and consciousness, with their own one-of-a-kind expression of self.

Now before I get into the CM message, I want to address the solipsistic stuff. And I’m not going to beat around the bush here—solipsism is incomplete nonsense, using an obviously demonstrable truth, to hide it’s nonsensicalness. And it is literally a philosophy of NON-SENSE. When you heighten the activity of your brain, you will find that you can literally SENSE other people’s thoughts and emotions. When in this state it is OBVIOUS that you are all one being, playing the game of different focuses of consciousness. The reason this ability exists is because the mind is an actual, tangible, solid material, capable of its own types of configurational activity, just like regular matter and energy. Just like you can shake someone’s hand, you can interact with someone’s mind. Most people only get to the brain state needed to consciously perceive this bandwidth of phenomena through psychedelic drugs, so most of the world somewhat lacks this basic sense of empathy and connection, which is so obviously tangible to someone in that brain-state. Babies and some children (not all children) can tune into another’s mind far more consciously than your average adult, and this is one reason why a mother’s mental state is so important to their child in the womb—mind actually affects physical matter and energy, such as bodily activity, as can be seen by you using your mind to influence your body to continue reading this sentence.

To make a very long story short—

Solipsism is a lackluster way of saying “you are the universe,” as in no other people matter AT ALL, and only you do.

CM is the full way of saying “you are the universe,” as in the other people you interact with are literally not “other people,” but are aspects of the dimensionally bigger “you,” and that “you” and “they” both are together as one, albeit “you” only see through the eyes of one human body. Another way to say this is that there is only “we”—there is no “you” at all! The reason I don’t change the “you are the universe” phrase to “we are the universe,” is because it begets the separation of “separate people labeled as group” called “we.” You are your own personal reality and others are their own personal reality, in combination to yours as “one reality.” Really, there’s no term in the English language for the kind of you-I-we concept I’m trying to portray, which says a lot about how our communication methods are designed to keep us in a state of misunderstanding how “we” exist. The English language was made in a time where slavery was normal, and it was common to think sickness was a demonic spirit that came from hell and “got you.” Lol. It’s hard to translate culturally-new ideas into a culturally-old language.

So no, “you are the universe” doesn’t mean “everyone else is just a ghostly shadow of illusion, only existing as a façade experience of myself.” It’s not an excuse to be a selfish asshole. That is ignorance born out of poor physical, mental, and emotional health, wherein the device (the brain) used to feel other’s mental-emotional content is damaged by illogical beliefs and a toxic diet. Beliefs can heighten and quell the activity of certain parts of your brain in attempt to physically generate an experience of that belief, so if you are raised to only think in terms of separation (us vs. them, me vs. not-me), your brain will literally stop using certain parts as effectively, to make you feel less connected and more separate, until you use some drug that turns that part back on and it becomes apparent again. Technically all of your brain is always on, but certain parts are used for specific experiences. This is a gigantic topic I may make some videos or a movie or a book about in the future, and is a subject I, myself, am learning more about through experience.

The air your body breathes and the air another breathes are one body of air. The space—and everything filling that space—that seems to separate one body from another is a separator and connector. We’re literally one being, physically. You literally are the universe, physically. The most distant star in the sky is neither more connected nor separate from your consciousness than the eyes you are using to see them with. The fact that other people exist, is a reflection to the bodily-you of just how incomprehensibly big, and multidimensionally multifaceted the total-you is.

This principle doesn’t just extend to other people,

it extends to every animal, plant, rock, element, place, event, feeling, thought, time, and space in existence

—you are a uniquely limited expression of ALLLLLL that unlimitedness. It’s what we’re made of.

We are the Universe ;)

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