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Magnetic Realignment Process

By purchasing a session you agree to all of the terms below.

• A group session is about 2 hours. (Over 1.5 hours, less than 2.5 hours.)

• It is $45 per person.

• The group session will occur through a teleconference. Skype may be offered in the future; there are various reasons why I won't use Skype just yet.

• Group sessions are scheduled. Check the schedule to see when the next group sessions are.

• I will record our session for archival purposes and send you a copy. My microphone picks up my voice the easiest, and thus others sound less clear. Because of this, I encourage you to record the session yourself in addition to my recording, but also in case something goes wrong on my end.

• The sessions are private and are not for the public. Do not physically or digitally distribute, place, post, or share any portion of the audio, or any transcription of the audio for sale or for free. This includes but is not limited to youtube.com, facebook.com, instagram.com, twitter.com, or any other social media platform, or anywhere else online or offline. Again, they are private.

• I reserve the right not give a refund, although I am happy to give refunds at my discretion. Legally, I have to mention this to discourage scammers. This kind of material attracts people from literally all over the planet, and not all of them hold integrity. These kinds of stipulations are here to prevent drama.

I will lecture about the topic scheduled, probably for about an hour, and afterwards open it up for questions and answers. Every person will get a turn to ask a question, in alphabetical order of last names. After the alphabetical order has been exhausted, it will be an open forum. I will probably issue some exercises, or meditations, or homework/homefun to engage in after the session, and you can e-mail me back, if that is required. I am adding this extra activity only to send a message that resonates and goes beyond the session.

Group sessions are currently unavailable. I will make a schedule for group sessions when I get properly situated with the other services and fundraisers. I have to see how my schedule will be, and then I will start scheduling group sessions.