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Magnetic Realignment Process

Sessions are a great way to anchor new ideas into your life, and receive insight and clarification on the nature of reality. They are simple, professional, direct ways of learning more about all the topics in consciousness mechanics and more. One on one sessions are personal consultations, and group sessions hold more of a class structure. Click their respective links for more information.

I have dedicated my life towards understanding the nature of existence, and am happy to use my mind as a tool to help you build, experience, and know more about what you are. I‘ve been down the rabbit hole for years now, and I’m ready and willing to be your guide.

If you’ve seen any of my videos or books (anything Iamniverse related), you know my expertise is broad. One notable thing I have learned is the nature of the human mind’s relation to the brain. I have a unique perspective on how life, consciousness, and the human body works that nobody else has. You can’t learn what I’ve learned through school, you learn what I’ve learned through experience.

One thing I've learned is that as astonishingly beautiful and miraculous the human experience is, it is quantifiable. Just as how the human body is a finite system, the human experience is too. All events, thoughts, emotions, and perceptions a person can have in life is based upon some structural framework. With this knowledge, I can help illuminate and transform the challenges of your life, with surgical precision. One example is my ability to cure depression. I had it at one point in my life, and figured out how to transform it. It is only right I use that experience to help others.

The word HELP is key in all this. I can’t live your life for you, make you have a certain experience, reach a certain goal, or manifest a certain event. I can only help. And that is what I will do to my fullest ability.

One of my gifts is that I have a very vivid minds’ eye. When I focus, I get pictures in my mind about whatever concept I am thinking about, and I use this gift to translate complex concepts into a simple description. Anyone can just picture stuff in their mind, but I can picture very large, complex concepts in my mind. I can use this ability in assisting you in what you are dealing with or seeking to learn more about.

I look forward to our contact.

Carlton Cole