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February 26th, 2018


Everything is progressing perfectly. I took a small break for about two months or so, (it was a break, but wasn't a complete break) and right now, CM videos are being worked on in bulk. I won't guarantee a timeframe for when the next video will come out because there are different paths I could take as to how this will all play out. Just to give you a sense of what's going on, I have twenty-five videos planned, three of which are already out. I've finished the base scripts for all of them, and am now working on video and diagram plotting and blueprinting—figuring out what diagrams to make and use at what time. I'm still undecided as to how I'll approach the next stage of making the videos, because this bulk method works well with me, as I've explained in the May 24th 2017 update. Speaking of which, I've changed the main Updates taskbar to include the previous year because those updates are still very relevant.

Lessons in Consciousness has been a great success as well. It is active, but I'm so focused on making videos I've made updating testimonials secondary. If you are interested in a comprehensive one-on-one learning opportunity about a topic related to CM or even life in general, you should consider buying a session. They are well worth it, especially since it will be awhile before the CM videos start releasing regularly.

Enjoy the new year.



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