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December 21st, 2012


A new video has now been published!

Created on 12/12/12, yet published today!

Enjoy the movie preview!


Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie


This is a preview for an upcoming movie. Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie is a video encapsulation of all the basic axioms about reality presented throughout the site. From parallel realities to dimensional mirrors, this video explains the essential functions of human consciousness.

Click here to go to the Store section for more information! Download it for free today!

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy the upcoming shift into the year 2013!



August 2nd, 2012


Major changes have occurred to the site, and different sections and pages have been removed with new ones added; explore and discover them yourself!

A new e-book has now been published!


"Consciousness Mechanics: Navigating the Matrix"

Navigating the Matrix cover thumbnail

A magnum opus describing the mechanics of reality creation, Consciousness Mechanics: Navigating the Matrix is truly the first of its kind. It seeks to expound how consciousness creates its own experiential reality, and goes as far as to describe how to live the reality of your dreams. Navigating the Matrix explains the mechanics behind how to live your dreams, and what the dream that is your reality actually is. Thus, Navigating the Matrix is about navigating the matrix of your multidimensional consciousness.

Click here to go to the Store section for more information! Get your copy today!



March 3rd, 2012




To see the new update, click the newly added "color switch" on the end of the main taskbar!



January 2nd, 2012


There have many new changes to the site. The main taskbar has changed, and the entire links section has been removed. There is now a clothing store in the Natural beauty section within the new Fine Raiment chapter. There have been new additions to the recipe section, and the Updates section taskbar has now been updated to accommodate the new year.

There is now a Spiritual Luxury chapter within the Downloads section. The new Spiritual Luxury chapter has a few expositional PDF files for sale, that explain popular metaphysical concepts in a practical and scientific way. There is also now a Literature of Ascension chapter within the Downloads section as well. Within this chapter are two insightful e-books and an e-book game, also for sale. You may also notice that the footer for the Downloads section has been replaced with the previous Updates section footer, and now the footer for the updates section is the same as the Welcome page's. There have also been general tweaking with the textual content of almost all sections and chapters.

2012 is going to be an exciting and eventful year

Happy New Year!



May 14th, 2011


The Iamniverse header image has been edited to show dramatic shadow around the letters, as well as the letters to seem more luminiferous. The footer images of all the pages have been somewhat updated if not completely changed, with the Self Empowerment section now having a different footer image per chapter.

The Downloads section now has its own functioning taskbar, with four new chapters, only three amongst them being viewable. The three new available chapters are as following: "Manifesting from Imagination"; a group of manifestation guides that serve as tools for you to self-reflect on how you are creating your reality, "Spiritual Lectures"; a collection of professional lectures that shed light on various topics available for purchase, "Wallpaper"; a few powerful desktop backgrounds for you to download and enjoy.

The Experiments section has been edited and its taskbar now has a new available chapter named "Illusory Observation." The new chapter contains optical illusions for you to enjoy and the Reality is Relative chapter also has some new added material as well.



April 12th, 2011


There have been a wide variety of changes. The "Therapy Sessions" section has now been renamed to "Self Empowerment." The new Self Empowerment section shows a modified arrangement of chapters. The Self Empowerment taskbar of chapters has also changed from a shade of light aqua/turquoise to classical gold.

The Our Youniverse section's taskbar color has been lightened and the "Space & Time & Magnetism" chapter has been renamed to "Space-Time Magic"; a pun implying that non-contact forces are the magic of space-time. The chapters of the Our Youniverse section have shifted in overall perspective and have been more properly defined.

The Recipes chapter now contains a subchapter named "Transitional" which has recipes that are good for cravings and the general promotion of good health.

Most of the sections have received modification and some additional content, noticeably the two available chapters of the Natural Beauty section.



March 13th, 2011


The "Therapy Session" section now has two new chapters, "Proper Meditation" and "Ameliorate Yourself." The other chapters in the section have also been polished and the "Coming Soon" tab is still coming soon :)

A taskbar for the Sacred Geometry section has been implemented, yet does not contain any viewable chapters. The chapters for that section as well as the Downloads section is still in progress.

There is now a new search bar. It looks and operates exactly the same as before but has been tweaked for better results. Many pages are still being edited periodically so be sure to check back every now and again.



February 13th, 2011


The "Therapy Sessions" section is still undergoing some major updates along with new pages. So far the "Counseling Therapy" chapter has been more focused and now contains a link to a catalog of services and fees.

The Welcome page is also being revamped a bit as well as more definitions have been added to the "Glossary" chapter of the "Our Youniverse" section.

The main form of content being worked on currently are the downloads. Not the page/section per se but the actual media.

You may notice that almost all the sections and chapters have been polished to some degree, namely the "Meet the Architect" Section.

Many new paradigms to look forward to for this year

Much more content coming

Happy New Year!



November 29th, 2010


The "Therapy Sessions" section now contains a series of chapters. It is still being worked on so all the chapters are not yet available for view. "The Paradox of Healing" chapter is a one of the new additions. It basically explains how some degree of unpredictability is imminent and Iamniverse cannot be held responsible for what you choose to manifest as your reality.

More definitions have been added to the "Glossary" chapter of the "Our Youniverse" section, as well as more recipes in the "Recipes" chapter.

The "Experiments" section now also has its own series of chapters, most of which are unavailable at the moment. The "You Are the Universe" chapter is up and running although the series of chapters is going to undergo some changes.

The chapters of the "Our Youniverse" section have also been polished.



November 14th, 2010


The "Recipes" chapter has now been available for view and shall continue to be updated with more delectable ideas.

New definitions have been added to the "Glossary" chapter of the "Our Youniverse" section.

Much is being worked on even as you read this

More chapters to come!



November 3rd, 2010


The "Glossary" chapter has now been added to the "Our Youniverse" section. It contains a great deal of information with regard to the Iamniverse Model for Reality and easily defines certain esoteric terminology.

The Iamniverse main header has also been altered to show the letters bigger and in a more lavender/lilac color. It was supposed to look that color initially, but it appeared so bright on some monitors and display screens it could have been interpreted as white.

The Experiments section has also been polished.



October 24th, 2010


Finally the updates section is ready! This is the first official update :)

This aspect of the site will contain posts on general content additions, tweaks, revisions, and changes overall.

Before you is the end of the beginning






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