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December 3rd, 2016


Hello everyone, if a link appears to be broken, for instance clicking here, all that means is that the page is being worked on. There are many updates being made that require various kinds of editing. Thank you for your patience.


December 1st, 2016


Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie

Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie is a crash course in consciousness. It dissects and explains the basic mechanisms of how the human reality experience operates, and simplifies esoteric concepts like "existence versus nonexistence" in an easy-to-understand, fun way. This movie is a 106-minute voyage into the intricate workings of the spacetime illusion, and yet, is a timeless anchor to the reality of right here and right now.

Feel free to watch it on YouTube!

Click here for more info!



Navigating the Matrix cover thumbnail

A magnum opus describing the basic structure of reality experience, Consciousness Mechanics: Navigating the Matrix is truly the first of its kind. It explains how spacetime forms a dimensional mirror for one’s consciousness that allows you to perceive projected events around you, and even goes as far as to describe how to apply this understanding in real-life circumstances. This book explains in technical terms how to live your dreams, and what the dream that is your life actually is.

This is a brand new 3rd edition!

Past editions are similar but different books.

This new edition is available in physical and e-book form.

Click here to go to the Store section for more info!

Get your copy today!



The Movie-Book cover thumbnail

This is a brand new edition of Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie-Book, to coincide with the release of the new movie! It is an upgraded version of the movie in book form. If you went crazy over the movie, prepare to get even crazier...

This new edition is available in physical and e-book form!

Click here for more info!


November 29th, 2016


This was stated many days ago on the YouTube page, but there were some complications and the movie and books are scheduled to be released December 1st. Thank you sincerely for your patience. This is good news, because several things have been added to the movie since 11/11, making it a better movie than before.


November 11th, 2016


Hello everyone. I've been working on this movie like madman, and there's still ONE issue with the video. At first I tried to circumvent the problem because I felt it would take too long to fix, but I've come to realize there's no way around it.

The movie will come out 11/22!

I apologize to those who were looking forward to enjoying it today. I'm as dissapointed as you are. BUT, we would be even more dissapointed if I didn't take the time to fix the video.

Publishing it today with an issue < Publishing it 11 days from now perfect. :)

Take care.



October 15th, 2016


11/11 is the date everything comes out. After that date, I will be posting consciousness mechanics videos on YouTube regularly again. I have already begun working on the next movie.

And for those wondering, one of the main causes for everything taking long is what I call “proof tag.” Proof tag is where I send a template to a producer, and they send me back a proof copy to check, and then I edit the template again, and the process repeats, like a game of tag. For example, I’ll send the manuscript of a book to a book printing company, and they’ll send me back a printed copy of the book. I’ll notice something is askew, such as the font size or maybe a diagram needs better spacing, etc., and then I send them the edited manuscript again, and the process repeats.

Site updates: Iamniverse logo has been updated, along with the updates section. There is no more “social media updates” section, and there is just one updates section and an archive for all past years' updates.

Stay tuned. ;)



May 17th, 2016


It's a bit overdue, but Happy New Year! The current movie is still in the process of being updated and re-released on YouTube and DVD, and the e-books will be released in physical book format, as well. This is all happening in the upcoming months. Many of the pages on this site will be updated, too. Stay tuned!

Check out the social media updates section for more info and a few screenshots of CMTM 2016!


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