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This artwork is called "The Advent." It symbolizes consciousness knowing itself, not knowing itself, and witnessing a reflection that state. It is the timeless advent of self-realization.


The Advent

Expanding on the Movie


It symbolizes how consciousness both knows itself and does not know itself, hence always having a new experience and learning more about itself. It also symbolizes consciousness perceiving that reflection of knowing and unknowing as a completion of its experience of self-awareness, and the fact that only its experience exists.

The light source being eclipsed is the knowing and not-knowing. The ripples in the water-like medium represent a distorted reflection of itself—it is likened to a timeless, still consciousness revealing a distorted experience of itself as time. The fact that the overall shape is circular, albeit half is distorted represents a kind of completion and perfection. The warm colored light and the black darkness was used because it evoked a sense of the kind of feeling I was trying to portray while making it.

The main concept of “advent” is the fact that consciousness is in a constant state of having a new perspective, and thus new information as to the nature of its existence.

The advent is the constant arrival of self-realization. Consciousness is self-aware and exists, and by generating an experience of time within itself, it still manages to have new experiences and realizations as to how, what, and why concerning its nature. The Advent is consciousness's epiphany of "I exist" or "I am," which amounts to constant momentary change within one timeless volume of existence.

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